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In the hilly landscape between Gudenåen and Nørreåen, 5 km north of Bjerringbro, you will find the village Lee  beautifully situated in the valley, Tuekærdalen.
Having the middle age church to the north and the village pond to the south, surrounded by fields and forest, the former farm Søgaarden is found at the address Himmestrupvej 8.
Søgaarden is a beautiful old, three-winged farm made from boulders, and built in year 1900.

Lee Søgaard with thatched roof and a large vegetable garden

Until the beginning of the 1960'ies the farm was run as a traditional Danish  farm, with dairy cattle and raising of sows. At that time the farm was rather big, and through the times it could feed a family with a farmhand and a maid as well as the old generation in a pensioner's house on the family farm next to Søgaarden.
In the 1960’ies the land was sold to another farm, “Gydegaarden”, and after this time Søgaarden has been used as a "closed down" farm by various owners.

Our ancestors gathered around the coffee table in the garden

In August 1986 we bought the farm. We both have our roots in the neighbourhood, Astrid from Bjerringbro and Niels from Terp close to Ulstrup.

Søgaarden in Lee has since then been the perfect frame of our life, with 4 fine sons born in the period 1985 – 1995. The first 10 years we kept sheep in the field and in the stable to the west. 
The old stable to the east was in 1992 converted into a graphic drawing office: “Holmriis-design".

When our guest today enter the stone covered courtyard with climbing roses and lavenders, they are welcomed by our dog, the schnauzer "Pelle". The two large whisky barrels indicate that our guests should not expect to find cows and pigs in the beautifully renovated stable wings.

The Søgaardens Whisky Shop is a speciality shop with whisky, which we have arranged in one part of the farm. Sales started after a whisky tasting evening in January 2000. By this time, Niels had taken an interest in the Scottish national beverage, and wished to make a whisky tasting arrangement in our village.

Over the time the assortment has developed and today covers quality whisky from many countries, as well as brandy, rum, liqueur, and wines. In the shop we also have a small selection of arts and crafts and gift items.

In 2005 we had the stable part to the west renovated.
It was made in harmony with the age of the farm and today appears as a very exciting building furnished with brick floors, mortared walls, and high ceiling with visible rafters. The windows are specially made to look like old stable windows.

A large part of this house has been furnished as an atelier, where Astrid works with her creative tasks.

The Atelieret also frequently receives guests coming for various arrangements in connection with the Whisky Shop. Advance booking enables us to lay the table for up to 25 persons participating in e.g. whisky tasting, coffee table gatherings, meetings or various creative courses.

Guests from Switzerland, who have visited us several times

In 2007 we opened the Søgaardens Bed & Breakfast. Our oldest son had then moved out, and this offered the possibility to fit out his room to host visitors.
All of our 4 sons have now moved out, but there is still a lot of activities going on here at Søgaarden.
In our Bed & Breakfast we now offer you 3 comfortable double rooms with shared toilet and bath, - in the part of the house next to the Whisky Shop.
In the part of the house at the Atelieret we have arranged 2 exciting, rustic double rooms with shared toilet and bath.
All year round we welcome many guests here at Søgaarden. We enjoy welcoming our many visitors, arriving from all over the world.

Very best regards,

Astrid Holmriis & Niels Holmriis

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